Ontological Foundations of Conceptual Modeling and Knowledge Representation

Nicola Guarino - ISTC-CNR, Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), Italy

This tutorial is intended to introduce the notion of ontology-driven information systems, where ontologies play a fundamental role both at the design time and at run time, as well as the basic tools of formal ontological analysis in the light of their impact on the foundations of conceptual modeling and knowledge representation. Various common modeling problems will be discussed, with examples mainly taken from e-government and enterprise modeling applications.



Similarity Join Algorithms: An Introduction

Wei Wang - University of New South Wales, Australia

Similarity join between two set of objects returns pairs of objects such that their similarities are above a given threshold. Similarity join finds applications in many application areas, including Web search engines, Web mining, data integration, data cleaning, and multimedia databases.
The objectives of this tutorial are to provide an introduction and categorization to the similarity join in different applications domains, discuss the powerful algorithmic ideas in existing work, and
suggest directions for future research.
This tutorial complements previous tutorials (e.g. Koudas, Sarawagi, and Srivastava, SIGMOD 2006) by presenting additional relevant works to this topic from a new perspective.