Call for Papers


Topics The conference covers a broad range of topics, including traditional database management, as well new challenges for data management in any possible domain. Prospective authors are encouraged to consider novel topics and approaches rather than proposing incremental improvements of existing results. Suggested topics include the following:


§   Access Methods and Physical Design

§   Transactions and Workflow Management

§   Distributed and Parallel Databases

§   Grid Database Management

§   Peer-to-Peer Databases

§   Real-time and Micro Databases

§   Embedded, Sensor and Mobile Databases



§   Active Databases

§   Object-Oriented Databases

§   Deductive Databases and Knowledge Bases

§   Constraint Databases

§   Spatial and Temporal Databases

§   Geographic Information Systems

§   Multimedia Databases and Information Retrieval

§   Scientific and Statistical Databases



§   Data Warehouses, Data Marts and OLAP

§   Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

§   Inductive Databases

§   Query Languages for Data Mining

§   Database Support, Coupling and Primitives for Data Mining

§   Resource Discovery




§   Query Languages

§   Query Processing and Optimization

§   Imprecise Information and Approximate Queries

§   Data Stream Processing and Continuous Queries over Data Streams

§   Database Programming Language



§   Data Models and Database Design

§   Logic and Databases

§   Semi-structured, XML, and Web Data

§   Ontologies for Databases

§   Interoperability and Ontologies

§   Data Design, Evolution and Migration  

§   Data Integration, Mapping and Transformation

§   Web Services



§   Databases in E-Commerce and E-Services

§   Databases and Digital Libraries

§   Databases and the Semantic Web

§   Biological Databases



§   Security Policies

§   Trust Management

§   Data and Interaction Confidentiality

§   Integrity, Authenticity and Non-Repudiation of Data

§   Identity Management and Mapping

§   Privacy in Advanced Database Applications

§   Privacy Preserving Querying and Mining

Invited Speakers

Elisa Bertino - Purdue University & CERIAS, IN, USA

Jan Paredaens - University of Antwerp, Belgium


Nicola Guarino - LOA-CNR, Italy

Wei Wang - University of New South Wales, Australia

Papers SEBD 2008 invites submissions of research, industry and application contributions as well as software demonstrations. Research papers, describing original ideas on the fundamental aspects of all forms of database systems and technology, are solicited. Moreover, extended abstract containing descriptions of on-going projects or presenting results already published are also welcome. 

Proceedings Accepted papers, invited papers, extended abstracts and demonstration papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

Submission SEBD 2008 submissions generally must be in electronic form using the Portable Document Format (pdf) or the Postscipt format (ps). Papers must be submitted electronically using the conference management tool. Papers must be formatted using the Lecture Notes in Computer Science style. Research papers presenting original works should be at most 12 pages whereas extended abstracts and demonstration papers should be at most 8 pages. Authors must declare the kind of submission by incorporating in the first page of the paper one among the following attributes: {FULL PAPER, EXTENDED ABSTRACT, DEMO PAPER}. Papers can be written in English or Italian. In order to allow a meaningful assignment of your paper to the most suitable reviewers, it is important that you indicate the content of the paper with a suitable set of keywords from the provided list. Student submissions should be clearly indicated on the submission form.

Student Award An award will be attributed to the best paper presenting the results of research activities in the fields covered by the conference topics and authored only by PhD student(s) or by Doctor(s) who defended their theses after 06/30/2007. The SEBD Steering Committee will be responsible for the selection. 

Important Dates  

Abstract submission deadline: March 15, 2008
Paper submission deadline: March 26, 2008
Notification of acceptance: May 7, 2008
Camera-ready copy due: May 23, 2008
June 22-25, 2008


General Chair Domenico Saccà - ICAR-CNR & University of Calabria 

Program Committee Chair Salvatore Gaglio - ICAR-CNR & University of Palermo 

Organizing Committee Chair Ignazio Infantino - ICAR-CNR

Program Committee

Alessandro Artale - University of Bolzano

Devis Bianchini - University of Brescia

Francesco Buccafurri - University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria

Alessandro Campi - Polytechnic of Milano

Michelangelo Ceci - University of Bari

Antonio Chella - University of Palermo

Eliseo Clementini - University of L'Aquila

Claudia Diamantini - University of Ancona

Nicola Ferro - University of Padova

Salvatore Gaglio - ICAR-CNR & University of Palermo

Sergio Greco - University of Calabria

Domenico Lembo - University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Federica Mandreoli - University of Modena

Giansalvatore Mecca - University of Basilicata

Rosa Meo - University of Torino

Stefano Montanelli - University of Milano

Salvatore Orlando - University of Venice

Fausto Rabitti - ISTI-CNR
Claudio Sartori - University of Bologna

Letizia Tanca - Polytechnic of Milano

Leonardo Tinnini - IASI-CNR

Riccardo Torlone - University of Rome 3

Franco Turini - University of Pisa


Steering Committee

Maristella Agosti - University of Padova

Antonio Albano - University of Pisa

Paolo Atzeni - University Rome 3

Valeria De Antonellis - University of Brescia

Maurizio Lenzerini - University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Domenico Saccà - ICAR-CNR and University of Calabria

Fabio Schreiber - Polytechnic of Milano

Letizia Tanca - Polytechnic of Milano

Paolo Tiberio - University of Modena


Organizing Committee

Massimo Cossentino - ICAR-CNR 
Ignazio Infantino - ICAR-CNR
Giovanni Pilato - ICAR-CNR
Riccardo Rizzo - ICAR-CNR
Pietro Storniolo - ICAR-CNR
Maurizio Urso - ICAR-CNR
Fabio Ferrara - ICAR-CNR (Secretariat)

Scientific Entertainment Committee

Andrea Calì - Oxford University (UK) 
Riccardo Torlone - University of Roma Tre
Alfredo Cuzzocrea - ICAR-CNR