1 Approximate Similarity Search from another "Perspective" extended abstract Giuseppe Amato
2 On the Containment of Schema Mappings extended abstract Riccardo Torlone
3 Outlier Detection Techniques for Process Mining Applications (Extended Abstract) extended abstract Gianluigi Greco
5 Singling out functional similarities in graph databases (Extended Abstract) extended abstract Simona E. Rombo
6 Numerical Data Co-clustering via Sum-Squared Residue Minimization and User-defined Constraint Satisfaction extended abstract Ruggero Pensa
7 A Framework for Outlier Mining in RFID Data extended abstract Giuseppe M. Mazzeo
8 Discovering meaningful protein-protein interaction modules by a co-clustering based approach (Extended Abstract) extended abstract Simona E. Rombo
10 A Scalable Distributed Data Structure for Multi-Feature Similarity Search extended abstract Matteo Mordacchini
11 Un approccio basato su relazioni semantiche e strutture dati gerarchiche per l'utilizzo efficiente ed efficace di folksonomy full paper Domenico Ursino
12 A platform for model-independent solutions to model management problems extended abstract Paolo Atzeni
13 Boosting a Network of Semantic Peers extended abstract Simona Sassatelli
14 An Efficient Method for Outlier Detection extended abstract Fabrizio Angiulli
15 Generating One-Time Passwords by Cheap and Fast Devices full paper Francesco Buccafurri
16 Efficient and Effective Query Answering in a PDMS with SUNRISE demo paper Giorgio Villani
17 Automatic annotation for mapping discovery in data integration systems extended abstract Laura Po
18 A New Generation Search Engine Supporting Cross Domain Queries extended abstract Riccardo Torlone
19 Profiling Sets for Preference Querying full paper Jan Chomicki
21 Issues in Peer-to-Peer Electronic Services (Extended Abstract) extended abstract Andrea Maurino
23 An Unsupervised Outlier Detection Approach for Cleaning String Data Entries extended abstract Fabio Fassetti
24 Relational Classification based on Emerging Patterns full paper Michelangelo Ceci
25 Distributed Discovery of Multi-Level Approximate Process Patterns full paper Annalisa Appice
26 Semantic Annotation for Web Service Processes full paper Francesco Pagliarecci
27 An information system for the extraction of relevant information for e-government activity extended abstract Antonio Picariello
28 Ontology-based Data Integration with MASTRO-I for Configuration and Data Management at SELEX Sistemi Integrati full paper Domenico Lembo
29 Using PageRank in Feature Selection full paper Dino Ienco
30 Clustering the Feature Space extended abstract Dino Ienco
31 Crawling, Indexing, and Similarity Searching Images on the Web extended abstract Fabrizio Falchi
33 Generalized association rules to support Network Digest analysis extended abstract Daniele Apiletti
34 KD-ASP - A distributed collaborative data mining platform  full paper Fabio Fumarola
35 Instance Matching for Ontology Population full paper Alfio Ferrara
36 An Intelligent Assistant for Medical Knowledge Discovery full paper Vincenzo Cannella
37 Extracting Structural Semantic Features for XML Data full paper Andrea Tagarelli
38 Efficient Inclusion of Conflict-free XML Types with Interleaving and Counting extended abstract Carlo Sartiani
39 Soluzioni Infrastrutturali Open Source per il Sistema Pubblico di Cooperazione Applicativa full paper Giansalvatore Mecca
41 Content-based Information Retrieval in SPINA extended abstract Emanuele Di Buccio
42 Decidable Reasoning over Timestamped Conceptual Models full paper Alessandro   Artale
43 Trajectory Data Warehouses: Storing and Aggregating Frequent ST Patterns full paper Alessandra Raffaeta'
44 DAEDALUS: A knowledge discovery analysis framework for movement data extended abstract Chiara Renso
45 Service-oriented Semantic Collaboration in Distributed Information Systems full paper Devis Bianchini
50 Fuzzy Description Logics for Bilateral Matchmaking in e-Marketplaces full paper Azzurra Ragone
51 Searching Entities on the Web by Sample extended abstract Paolo Papotti
52 ArHeX: A Framework for Approximate Retrieval in Heterogeneous (extended abstract) extended abstract Marco Mesiti
54 Strategic Index Analysis Through Semantic Web Technologies full paper Domenico Potena
55 Compressing Data Cubes in the Presence of Simultaneous Multiple OLAP Queries extended abstract Alfredo Cuzzocrea
56 Efficiently Computing Iceberg Cubes: A Probabilistic Approach full paper Alfredo Cuzzocrea
57 Temporal analysis of process logs: a case study extended abstract Michele  Berlingerio
59 Representing Ontology Mappings with Probabilistic Description Logics Programs (extended abstract) extended abstract Andrea Calý