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17th - 20th June | 2007 |Torre Canne (Fasano, BR)| Italy | Italian Version ...


Accepted Papers and Demos

Accepted papers
Query optimization for wireless sensor network databases in the MadWise system
Online distribution estimation for streaming data: framework and applications
ChronoGeoGraph: an expressive spatio-temporal conceptual model
An information-theoretic framework for high-order co-clustering of heterogeneous objects
Generating extended conceptual schemas from business process models
RADAR: research of anomalous data through association rules
L-SME: a tool for the efficient discovery of loosely structured motifs in biological data
Inducing multi-target model trees in a stepwise fashion
Implementing BRICKS, a Digital Library Management System
Autonomic deadlock prevention in self-managing databases
Checking e-service consistency using description logics
Exploiting peer ontologies for semantic query propagation
Query optimisation for web data sources: minimisation of the number of accesses
Containment of conjunctive object meta-queries
A hierarchical probabilistic model for co-custering high-dimensional data
Conditional preferences: a new semantics for database queries
Towards an effective semi-automatic technique for image annotation
Translating context data in adaptive web Applications
On the schema exchange problem
A fast partial memory approach to incremental learning through an advanced data storage framework
Tecnologie cognitive nei sistemi per la modellistica geo-spaziale
Semantic web service composition in the NeP4B project: challenges and architectural issues
Hiding sequences
Towards constraint-based subgraph mining
Finding generalized closed frequent itemsets for mining non redundant association rules
Ontology-based database access
Approximate query answering and ranking for semantic knowledge bases
Uno strumento web di esplorazione interattiva multidimensionale di dati geo-riferiti
Query answering in expressive variants of DL-Lite
A comparative evaluation of similarity detection methods for time series
KDDBroker: description and discovery of KDD services
Un protocollo di sicurezza contro le vulnerabilità derivanti da software di firma non trusted
Advanced OLAP visualization of multidimensional data cubes: a semantics-driven compression approach
Web service discovery at process-level based on semantic annotation
A new type of metadata for querying data integration systems
Exploiting preference rules for querying databases
XML type projection: a maximum flow approach
Towards a definition of an image ontology
Mining time-series sequences of reactions for biologically active patterns in metabolic pathways
Service matching and discovery in P2P semantic community
Constraint hardness for modelling, matching and ranking Semantic Web services
Modellazione della QoS in ambienti Web-Service con applicazioni di video streaming
Trajectory data warehouses: design issues and use cases
Beyond anonymity in location based services
A data mining methodology for anomaly detection in network data
A Methodology for the Automatic Recognition of Music Works
Extending Datalog for matchmaking in P2P e-Marketplaces
On homogeneity evaluation and seed selection in clustering relational data
Clustering web and desktop searches

Accepted demos
A tool for the visual synthesis and the logical translation of spatio-temporal conceptual schemas
DB2OWL : a tool for automatic database-to-ontology mapping
A visualization tool for multidimensional data analysis
Simultaneous previews for time series forecasting
Disambiguation of structure-based information in the STRIDER system
Ontology-based data access with MASTRO
Distributed Information Retrieval and Automatic Identification of Music Works in SAPIR



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