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Lunedý, 02 Ottobre 2006
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Accepted Papers

9. Data Mining Strategies for Classification of Microarray Data

10. Rappresentazione personalizzata dell'informazione nel Web Semantico

11. The Spicy Project: A New Approach to Data Matching

12. Context integration for mobile data tailoring

13. Ontology-based Classification and Retrieval of Music Resources

15. Using MILOS to build an on-line photo album: the PhotoBook

16. Star Query Plans in SADAS: A Data Warehouse System Based on Transposed Files

17. Incorporating Goal Analysis in Database Design: A Case Study from Biological Data Management

18. Agent-based Web Services Supporting Semantic Negotiation

19. SemXClust: A System for Semantic XML Clustering

20. Towards a Semantic Information Extraction Approach from Unstructured Documents

22. Using Semantic Mappings for Query Routing in a PDMS Environment

24. ontainment of Conjunctive Queries under Access Limitations

25. Adaptation Rules for Context-Aware Web Applications

26. A Minimalist Approach to Semantic Annotations for Web Processes Compositions

28. Top-Down Parameter-Free Clustering of High-Dimensional Categorical Data

29. Effective Incremental Clustering for Duplicate Detection in Large Databases

32. Statistical warehousing on the Web: navigating troubled waters

34. Distributed Aggregation Strategies for Preference Queries

35. Prioritized Active Integrity Constraints for Database Maintenance

36. Vague XML Querying in Peer-to-Peer Networks

37. Retrieval by Visual Content in Image Databases

38. Progresses on Tree-Based Approaches to Improving Histogram Accuracy

39. Selecting Representatives in a Sensor Network

40. BVQ-based Feature Extraction: a Computational Analysis

41. Classifying Aggregated Data: a Symbolic Data Analysis Approach

42. Relational Data Mining Techniques for Historical Document Processing

43. Mapping Maintenance in XML P2P Databases

44. Querying XML-based Electronic Patient Records in a Peer-to-peer Environment

46. Un Metodo per la Scoperta di ProprietÓ Inattese

47. An integrated process for Document Mining: a new perspective

50. An Effective Framework for Data Anonymity

51. OwlEd: An Ontology Manager for MaMaS-tng

52. Uncertain Schema Matching

53. On Interactive Pattern Mining from Relational Databases

54. Efficiently Representing and Querying Sensor Network Readings on Data Grids

55. Matchmaking by difference in Service Discovery

56. Can Integrity Tolerate Inconsistency?


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